Working with you

Dramatherapy is very personal and experiential in character. You are encouraged to evolve from a passive receiver to an active individual during your own therapeutic course.

As a therapist I am here to secure a safe and steaby setting for your therapy in order trust can develop between us.

I am present to listen to you and hold what you bring. I stand by you as you actively participate to an experiential dialogue with yourself and you walk the path of your personal development.

Individual therapy for adults

The therapeutic relationship develops between you and me. You have my full attention. I listen carefully to what you really need and I follow your pace in the therapeutic process.

First meeting

We are given the opportunity to get to know each other and to explore together the reasons that led you to therapy.

Setting and process

We agree on the frame of our work together. We define the aims of therapy and the frequency of our sessions, setting a specific date and time.

We begin to explore gradually the issues you bring, observe how the therapeutic relationship develops between us and give space to you to become familiar with the method of dramatherapy through experience. The therapeutic process is open ended with the possibility of working in deeper levels of the self, bringing further inner shifts. The therapy is over when you feel that your personal process has been completed.

In Person & Online Sessions

Therapy sessions are offered in person and online.

Group therapy

Participating in a dramatherapy group can offer you a powerful experience. The group frame becomes a safe container where you can share, listen, receive support, co-create, connect with other people and meet parts of yourself that are strengthened by team work.

Closed group

This is defined by a number of people who commit to work psychotherapeutically as a group for a specific period of time. The aims are relevant to the themes that are common to its members and are modified according to the group’s development.

Autonomous workshops

These have a specific theme and aim from the start. The participants can be related to each other or be completely unknown. When a group is created they are invited to delve deeper in the workshop’s theme by using the dynamics of the group.

Therapy for children

Therapy through play and creative expression facilitates the emotional and social development of children whilst helping teenagers construct their identity. As a therapeutic medium, dramatherapy allows intense emotional charges to be expressed safely, whilst working on difficult behaviours and traumatic experiences in order to re-access creativity and bring psychological restoration. 

The setting of entering a child in therapy

The first meeting takes place with the parents. Together we explore the reasons they want their child to start therapy, and also, the background of the family and the child is recorded.

We then continue with a session including the child and the parents where we explore whether the therapeutic process is beneficial to the child and whether s/he wishes to participate.

With the consent of the parents, two individual sessions with the child take place (and more sessions if it is necessary with the child) so that the child’s readiness can be evaluated.

After the evaluation is completed we explore whether therapy will be useful to the child before we collaborate.

  • NOTE: Therapy Service for children and adolescents is not offered anymore. For further information contact me.

Therapy can be delivered in Greek and English language.

Therapy space