I am Maria Polykarpou, a Psychologist Dramatherapist, and I am meeting you here, in this digital space, so that together we can explore what it means to work with oneself and how it improves our lives.

Once Carl Gustav Jung said: “Put down roots like a tree, until clarity comes from deeper sources to see over that wall and grow.”

Our inner world is the source that provides us with the supplies we need in life. In order to access these supplies, we need to consciously work with ourselves.

Working with ourselves helps us connect with our own story, allowing us to come into contact with elements that have shaped us and to process them. We learn to reach parts of ourselves that have been neglected, to discover what is unknown to us, and to recognize what empowers us. Thus, our inner world becomes fertile soil from which new knowledge emerges about who we really are.

Knowing oneself is the food that helps us grow, the medicine that heals us, and the breath that gives our life flexibility.

“Man has a soul and there is a buried treasure in the field.” C. G. Jung

On the psychotherapeutic journey of every person, my role is to be their companion. This journey takes place within the framework and methodology of dramatherapy.

Online Psychotherapy Sessions
Psychotherapy through the dramatherapy approach

Dramatherapy, as a term, comes from the combination of the words “drama” (to act, to do something) and “therapy” (to restore good health, to serve). It is based on the idea that symbolic action through the arts can bring mental balance and catharsis, as Aristotle observed.

It is a psychotherapeutic method that invites you to work with your whole being. It activates the mind, the emotions, the body, and the soul. For this reason, it is an experiential method that encourages you to actively participate. Its main tools are dialogue and creative expression.


Individual Therapy: In Person & Online

The therapeutic relationship develops between you and me. You have my full attention. I listen carefully to what you really need and I follow your pace in the therapeutic process.

Group Therapy

Participating in a dramatherapy group can offer you a powerful experience. The group frame becomes a safe container where you can share, listen, receive support.

Therapy for children

Therapy through play and creative expression facilitates the emotional and social development of children whilst helping teenagers construct their identity.