Personal & Professional Development

Continuous personal and professional development can be achieved through the mutual sharing of experiences, knowledge, and skills. Based on this idea, part of my professional services focus on providing experiential seminars and workshops.

I collaborate with public and private sector services, educational institutions, schools, and professionals in mental health, social work, health, education, and the fine arts in Cyprus, Greece, and other countries.

Experiential Workshops/Seminars
  • 2022-23, Paphos, Cyprus. “Returning to Health, Returning to Life with Movement, Imagination & Myths”. Description: A series of Drama & Movement Therapy Workshops begins in September. The aim is to generate a process of self-discovery, creativity, soul/body nurturing, personal growth, and healing. The inner work takes place within a safe space and is based on various art forms, such as: body movement, myths/stories, enactment, ritual, drawing, poetry, embodiment, active imagination, play, voice-work, music, and dialogue/reflection.
  • 2021, Paphos, Cyprus. “Yoga & Drama Movement Therapy Workshop: Coming Home to Myself – Meeting of Body and Soul”. Description: One of our biggest challenges in Life is to be present and live in the moment, connected to our body and inner self while the busy mind is living a busy life. How do we do that? How do we bring awareness in the daily routine? Participants are invited to a Journey towards Home, to Meet your Body and Soul. Co-facilitator of the workshop.
  • 2018, Nicosia, Cyprus. “The Prima Materia”. Workshop using dramatherapy & the art of using clay. Description: For man, the prima materia is the essence of the soul with infinite possibilities for transformation, development and synthesis. Here, clay is used symbolically and sensorily becoming the medium to reach deeper aspects of the self. Co-facilitator of the workshop.

  • 2017, Perugia, Italy. “Bridging the art of drama with therapy: An introduction to dramatherapy”. Experiential seminar. The seminar is for professionals and students in the area of arts, psychology, social care, education. Co-facilitator.

  • 2017, Nicosia, Cyprus. “The inner forms of the ego”. Dramatherapy workshop in a gallery. Description: How conscious are we about the way the “egos” we possess function? Are we aware of how they shape our life? There is something authentic within us. How can we turn to it and meet it?

  • 2016, Paphos, Cyprus. “Medusa’s Skin”. Dramatherapy workshop for women. Description: Exploring the feminine nature through the symbols of transformation. The aim is to remember that creativity is an unaltered healing source, springing from every difficult or traumatic experience.

  • 2015, Paphos, Cyprus. “The Hero’s Journey”. A series of experiential workshops for adolescents. Description: Experiential exploration of Odysseus’ journey. Through Odysseus’ trials caused by mythical creatures and gods on his way home, teenagers work to develop their identity by strengthening themselves to reach their personal Ithaca.

  • 2013, Paphos, Cyprus. “Body Shapes”. Workshop for personal development. Description: Our body is constantly expressing the processes that take place within us. What form does the body assume during each emotion, thought or internal shift? Can the awareness of the body’s movement be the medium to deeper self-knowledge?